Dereck Mpofu in live DVD recording


THERE will be exuberance on the 14th of October at Theatre in the Park in the Harare Gardens as Unonaka Iwe hit-maker unleashes his new album.

What makes the album release unique and exciting is that there will be a live DVD recording. The concert, which will be running under the theme ‘One Night One Man One Concert One Voice’ will be backed by the award-winning choir Note2etoN.

Speaking with Showbiz Mpofu said the idea to record a live DVD was brought about by the need to take his music into people’s homes.

“I decided to do the live DVD recording because I want to take the Dereck Mpofu experience into people’s.

People should understand what it feels like to be at my show because it is not everybody who is going to attend my shows”, he said.

Dereck further explained that it is the capturing of key moments of his career and performances that is particularly of interest to him.

“What inspired me is the capturing of key moments the way Michael Jackson, James Brown and our very own Bundu Boys did.”