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Determination Amidst Adversity: Meet Precious, the Bus Washing Mother of Three

In the bustling Market Square terminus, amidst the rumble of departing buses and the chatter of commuters, one woman stands out with her unwavering determination and resilience. Meet Precious, affectionately known as Mai Lameck, a single mother of three who has taken on the daunting task of providing for her family by washing buses.

Her journey into this unconventional profession began after a challenging divorce left her struggling to make ends meet for her children. Undeterred by the hardships, Precious stepped into the role of a bus washer, initially sweeping inside the buses to earn a living. Her determination and grit caught the attention of bus drivers who were quick to offer her work.

However, her path was not without obstacles. Facing skepticism and jealousy from some male counterparts in the industry, Precious stood her ground against unfounded accusations and doubts about her abilities. Despite facing rejection and refusal for assistance at times, she persevered, driven by her unwavering commitment to her children’s well-being.

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“I can take care of my three children as a single mother because of this job,” Precious shares, reflecting on the significance of her work in providing for her family. Yet, she harbors aspirations beyond bus washing, hoping to obtain a passport to explore additional business opportunities to meet the growing needs of her children.

A close friend, Loice Maruni, commends Precious for her relentless work ethic and dedication. “Precious is my friend, she is hardworking,” Loice affirms. “She starts work at 5 am and does not have time to talk to a lot of people as she is focused on working for her children.”

Despite the challenges she faces, Precious remains steadfast in her pursuit of a better future for her family. Through her perseverance and resilience, she embodies the strength and determination of single mothers everywhere, proving that with unwavering resolve, even the toughest of circumstances can be overcome.

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