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Digital Content Creator Mai Maketeni Calls on Mai TT Debtors to Collect Money Owed

Renowned digital content creator Mai Maketeni has taken to her social media platform to make a public announcement, urging individuals who are owed money by popular personality Mai TT to contact her and provide details of the outstanding amounts.

Mai Maketeni has assured the public that efforts are being made to settle all debts, and she is working diligently to ensure that no one has been unintentionally left out.

In a post on her social media page, Mai Maketeni stated, “I call upon everyone who is being owed by Mai TT to come to my inbox with the amount. We are working towards paying everyone, please bear with Fely as she is trying to clear the debts. I have a list that I’m working with to see if no one was omitted.”

The announcement made by Mai Maketeni has sparked a significant reaction on social media platforms, as people praised Mai Maketeni move.

The People’s General Shellaz  ·

“You are a blessing”

Maria Nyamagodo

“May the Almighty bless you Mai Maketeni….. you’re one in a million ????

Vongaishe Loice Chitanda

“hoyo !!!! cat aunty mukuita chinhu chakanaka”

Mel Masuku

“Even the heavens are listening,Panobudika chete.May God give you and everyone involved strength during this time Cat Auntie ????

The controversial digital influencer, Mai TT, has recently made headlines after publicly admitting to leading a false and extravagant lifestyle, which ultimately resulted in her accumulating significant financial obligations. As she faces potential legal consequences, Mai TT has been actively utilizing social media to express remorse for her past behavior.

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It is worth noting that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has recently intervened in Mai TT’s legal situation, clearing her of fraud charges brought against her by the state. This decision has generated widespread discussion and debate within the online community.

As the story develops, Showbiz will provide updates regarding the progress made by Mai Maketeni in addressing the outstanding debts owed by Mai TT