Dino Mudondo in comeback bid

Dino Mudondo in comeback bid

By Munashe Rungano

Rasta Kwasa singer Dino Mudondo has not been lucky in love. His fortunes in the matters of the heart apparently have been similar to his music career, but he appears to be fighting to regain his mojo after relocating to South Africa and finding himself a new girl friend.

Although details are still sketchy, Dino is now in a relationship with one London based Rumbidzayi.

In a bid to rekindle his dimming music flame, at the end of 2016 Dino appointed a new manager, Cape Town based Mistopher Ncube who recently assembled a band for the diminutive artiste.

“The business relationship with Mistopher was born last year when he hosted me and Tocky Vibes here in Cape Town. After admiring the effort and determination he instils on everything he does we discussed and agreed that he took charge of the band,” said Dino.

He said he decided to move to South Africa due to the long distabnce factor as the manager could not be in Harare.

Dino was also signed at Mistopher’s Eyo Studios and he said it was becoming increasingly difficult to operate in two countries.

Due to his deep admiration for the late Lucky Dube, he said the move was an easy decision.

Dino Mudondo
Dino Mudondo

“I feel honoured and humbled being able to push the reggae movement in SA and my wish is to take over from where the legend left and hopefully conquer Africa along the way,” he said.

He paid gratitude to Mistopher for helping him assemble a band while he was still busy finalising his commitments in Harare.

Mistopher said: “We are launching BBQ Sundays at a local sports joint which will see Dino as the main act supported by various upcoming Zim artistes. Our agreement is that we kickoff the every

Sunday performances just before Valentine’s Day to afford all Rasta Kwasa fanatics an opportunity to come have fun before the special day.”

“Our focus is to bring a different sound this side as you know Dino’s music is a fusion of reggae and rhumba. That surely should do the trick in attracting attention not only from our fellow countrymen but people from all walks of life, especially in this City which has become home to many foreigners and hive for tourists.”

Shifting his attention to his upcoming new album titled Rasta Loving produced at Mistopher Studios, Dino said he had faith it would see him bouncing back.

“The album has a unique feel of reggae lovers rock and contains rich mature lyrics which I am sure will catch the hearts of many good music lovers. It is also spiced up by a few crazy concepts albeit it shares real life experiences and practical application on everyday life situations,” he said.

The album expected March 24 will be accompanied by two videos which to be shot in Cape Town.

The Chirangano Chedu singer said he would not rule out resettling in Zimbabwe and said another duet with Willom Tight was still possible.