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‘DIRTY DENNY J’l …Stunner attacks podcast host…Denny J dismisses rapper’s claims

Rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme attacks podcast host “Denny J Show” team for meddling in his domestic affairs by allegedly paying his wife Dyonne to portray him in negative light.

Hmetro writes, Stunner posted on his Instagram account alleging that the team was visiting his wife at home to interview her over their marriage issues.

Said Stunner in his post:

“First off, Denny J show, I will honestly tell you that zita rekuti Stunner harisi zita raunokwanisa kupedza (it’s been thru (through) bigger things).

“You have come to my house and you are paying Dyonne to talk crap about me but the reason I been quiet is that I respect the law and I’m just waiting for my court day since I pleaded not guilty.

“I shouted a lot (as) seen (on) videos because I was drunk and needed privacy but Dyonne knows the type of person I am.

“Chi show chako will end and still Stunner will still be here, trust me.

“Please, don’t come to my house (you have no right),” he said.

Added the post:

“So long ndiine voice rangu, hamuna chamunopedza.

“Hapana murume anomanikidzwa kuita zvaasingade.

“Pamberi nemen’s mental health. Men are going thru (through) a lot, things that embarrass us to talk about.

“Let the law judge then you can speak.

“Still the last real Gee, rapper wekugumisira.”

In response, Denford ‘Denny J’ Jiro said they even don’t know Dyonne.

“I don’t know Dyonne, even her phone number where they live etc.

“We are too busy and grown up to be meddling in people’s petty domestic affairs.

“This issue is not newsworthy for our show and we wish the young man the best in his marriage.

“I am sure vachawirirana and achauya hake kuzo apologiser kwatiri for mentioning our name in his issues,” he said.

The DennyJ Show, an online podcast hosted by Boyz Dze Tonaz TV and fronted by Denford, has hosted different personalities including, Shadaya, Olinda Chapel, who have bashed Stunner.

There is no love lost between the show hosts and Stunner.

Denford has also hosted Passion Java, and DJ Towers.


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