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Diva fat scorns fan

Diva fat scorns fan

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Or rather; hell hath no fury like a fat woman! Or maybe hell hath no fury like a fat diva.

I retract, lest I become a victim.

Yet still the adage should do justice to songstress Diana Samkange’s reaction after she was labelled fat by a fan on her Facebook page at the weekend.

The musician also known Mangwenya went ballistic after one Obie Zinz commented about her excessive fat when she posted a flier of her forthcoming tour to the United Kingdom for the Mofaya Festival to be held on August 6.

Obie Zinz drew the ire when he posted: “Masimbiro ako handiade (I don’t fancy your fat body).”

Mangwenya did not take the comment lightly and she fumed in vernacular.

Diana Samkange back in the day

Her response read: “Aihwa, itai soo ka…… zvamunoda mukazvitaurira ku wall kwenyu i am
sure zvinoita zvakanaka uye zvinotambirika nyore ikoko panapa totaura dzekutandara nemimhanzi, nedzechekuita nebasa rakaita mundizive (No! How about this, express yourself in whatever way on your (Facebook) wall. On my wall, we discuss my music which made you know me). Zve body yangu, kana ma intestines kana liver kana ma kidneys angu, tosiira ana chiremba vanoona nezvehutano hwangu vaite iroro basa.. isu titaure dzemimhanzi kana zvaoma totaura zvekuteurira nyika..ndo common ground. (Leave stuff about my body or intestines, liver, kidneys to doctors while we discuss about my music or politics when run out of topics. That is our.common ground),” she said.

The fan stuck to his guns and maintained that Diana has become too fat.

“But you are too fat..It doesn’t need an x-ray,” he said.

The media shy Mangwenya was part of urban grooves outfit 2BG but she went solo and re-invented herself.

She is now using a live band and has turned to jazz genre but it appears the development have also brought with them the excessive weight turning her from one of the most beautiful lasses on the urban grooves fraternity.