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Enjoy Ginimbi’s inheritance: family told

HIGH Court Judge Amy Tsaga has granted the late Genius ‘‘Ginimbi” Kadungure’s family leave to enjoy their inheritance pending a Supreme Court appeal.

The family, through sisters Juliet and Nelia, and father Anderson Kadungure, had approached the High Court seeking permission to operationalise the order that nullified the contentious Ginimbi will.

The order dismissed Patricia Darangwa as executor of the estate.

Darangwa then appealed against the decision at the Supreme Court, which rendered the family’s recent victory, worthless.

Through their lawyer, the Kadungures claimed Darangwa’s appeal had no prospects of success, and it was a fact Ginimbi had left no will.

In granting the order, Justice Amy Tsanga took note of the family’s fears of losing their inheritance locally, in Botswana and in South Africa.

“It is the court’s finding that the family should be allowed to enjoy what the late Genius Kadungure left them.

The late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure

“Therefore, the application for leave to execute the order, pending the appeal at the Supreme Court, is hereby granted,” ruled Justice Tsanga.

In their papers, the Kadungures claim the late Ginimbi’s Bentley has gone missing. Some haulage trucks, and various other vehicles, were also still to be accounted for.

The family was also losing sleep over one of the late Ginimbi’s companies in Botswana, which is facing closure. Creditors have been lining up to claim their dues.

The family says it has been defending litigation processes in Botswana to try and save the company from collapsing.

Ginimbi had accessed loans in Botswana and Juliet and Nelia had to step in to try and resolve the issues. Further allegations are that Darangwa recently wrote to the Master of the High Court in Botswana seeking to dispose of some properties, without the family’s knowledge.