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Ernest Shenje, of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Transport, was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Ernest Shenje, the deputy director of Road Services in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, has been apprehended by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on suspicion of orchestrating a fraudulent claim for compensation totaling US$1 million concerning a property affected by the construction of the Mbudzi Interchange in Harare.

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According to ZACC’s statement released yesterday, the alleged fraudulent claim amounted to US$1,003,417. The commission asserted that Ernest Shenje, in collaboration with an individual named Levy Idana (who remains at large) and certain legal practitioners, fabricated a false agreement of sale. This document purported that Levy Idana was the rightful owner of Subdivision A of Subdivision B of Delft of Hopely, which was registered under the name of John Maloney.

ZACC further disclosed that Shenje, along with other Ministry officials, facilitated the processing of this fraudulent claim. Consequently, Idana allegedly received a payment of US$200,000 as a result of their illicit actions.

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