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Exciting Entry-Level Career Opportunities At Zimparks

Exciting Entry-Level Career Opportunities At Zimparks

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the heart of Zimbabwe’s wildlife through the Zimparks Tour Guide Course. This 6-month program, commencing in February 2024, serves as your gateway to a rewarding career as a certified guide. Offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, the course ensures thorough preparation to navigate the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of Zimbabwe.


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Course Structure and Modules: The comprehensive curriculum is divided into four modules:

  1. Law: Understand the legal aspects governing wildlife, conservation, and tourism.
  2. Firearms: Acquire essential skills in firearm handling and safety, crucial for your role in safeguarding wildlife and clients.
  3. General Paper: Acquire general knowledge about the flora, fauna, and cultural aspects of Zimbabwe.
  4. Habits and Habitats: Delve into the behaviors and natural habitats of the diverse wildlife in Zimbabwe.

The course concludes with a final exam in August/September 2024, preceded by revision sessions. Stay connected through the WhatsApp group for timely updates: Zimparks WhatsApp Group.

Flexible Learning Options: Zimparks caters to diverse preferences with both face-to-face and online lessons. What sets us apart is that no “O” levels are required for enrollment.

  • Face-to-face lessons:
    • Registration fee: $15
    • Full tuition fee: $180
  • Online lessons:
    • Registration fee: $15
    • Full tuition fee: $180

Registration is ongoing for the February 2024 intake.


Practical Training and Examination: Immerse yourself in real-world experiences through practical training, including shooting, travel, and hands-on learning about Zimbabwe’s heritage and culture. After completing the course, take the final exam under the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority examination board, with a USD 200 examination fee payable in mid-August 2024.

Upon successful completion, receive a license authorizing you to work as a guide in National Parks, Conservancies, Travel Agencies, Safari companies, and Safari lodges.

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Mentorship and Anti-Poaching Training: Our mentorship program extends to anti-poaching training, equipping guides with skills to enhance wildlife security and protect clients from potential threats. Guides receive a certificate after bush training, enabling them to become Anti-Poaching Managers.

Benefits of Enrolling:

  • Minimum salary ranges from 400 – 700 USD, depending on the employer.
  • Guaranteed attachment placement leading to potential permanent positions.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Possibility to become a consultant, offering specialized services such as tracking or providing anti-poaching training.

For more details, visit the Zimparks Facebook page.

Requirements and Contact Information: To enroll, ensure you have a certified copy of your ID/Passport, be Zimbabwean, and possess a first aid certificate before the final examination (which can be acquired during the course). Contact Zimparks at 0732581307.


  • HQ Address: Corner 1st Street & Kwame Nkrumah, Chiyedza House M floor office 2.
  • Bulawayo Branch: Mimosa House 2nd Floor Left Wing, opposite Bulawayo Centre.

Unleash your potential, become a certified guide with Zimparks, and open doors to an exciting career in the heart of Africa’s wildlife!

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