Fans Cry for the 8 O’clock Show

Former Africa Revenge member Taz Mehluli Moyo and his friends Adrian, Tytan, Prayersoul and Squash were the stars of the night at Alliance Francaise when they nailed their show called the 8 O’clock Show.

The artists exchanged the lead mic after each song singing from their very original work to old school masterpieces the likes of Marshall Munhumumwe’s Rudo Imoto.

Tytan stole the ladies’ hearts with his hit Bhoo, a song in which a man promises his woman to treat her well.

Actress Molithar Havnar had a spotlight moment when she was called on stage and they sang for her a song titled you are beautiful.

Young Adrian promises to be the future king of showbiz with his rich tenor, however the audience were not happy when the 2 hour show ended on the dot, they asked for more and were invited to attend the next one coming up in a month.