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Fatal Collision Claims Two Motorcyclists Lives in Mutasa District

Tragedy struck in Mutasa District when two motorcyclists met a fatal end in a head-on collision near London Stores.

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, acting as the spokesperson for Manicaland provincial police, confirmed the grim incident.

It unfolded when Silent Faro, one of the motorcyclists, failed to yield at an intersection, leading to a collision with Richard Shorwa. Shorwa, 26, was riding an unregistered red Lifan motorbike with a passenger, while Faro was on an unregistered blue motorcycle.

The collision occurred as Shorwa was journeying along Nyarumvurwe gravel road towards London Stores, while Faro was approaching the intersection from an unnamed feeder road, intending to cross the main road heading to Nyanga.

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The impact of the collision resulted in severe injuries for both bikers, who were swiftly transported to Bonda Mission Hospital. Tragically, they were pronounced dead upon admission.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka stressed the critical importance of road safety, urging all motorists and cyclists to exercise utmost caution and vigilance while on the road.

In another unrelated incident, a 48-year-old man named Angirai Ruwa lost his life when the vehicle he was traveling in veered off the road, overturned, and plunged into a valley along Jopa-Kopa Road in Chief Ngorima’s area.

According to Assistant Inspector Chinyoka, the driver, Michael Mhika, was transporting pit sand with five passengers on board when the vehicle experienced brake failure near Kopa Business Centre. The truck veered off the road, overturned once, and descended into a valley, leading to Ruwa’s tragic demise.

The injured passengers, along with Mhika, were promptly taken to Chipinge District Hospital for medical treatment following the harrowing accident.

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