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Five Children Disown 98-Year-Old Father, Alleging Involvement in Siblings’ Deaths

98-year-old Shereni Dzvokora finds himself abandoned by his own children, who accuse him of being responsible for the deaths of their siblings. Left with no familial support, he now relies on the care of his 23-year-old grandchild.

Hailing from Mashava, Dzvokora fathered ten children, five of whom have passed away, alongside his late wife.

His tale of abandonment and accusation surfaced when a neighbor captured a heart-wrenching video of him expressing his sorrow over his predicament.

Speaking with H-Metro, Dzvokora shared his anguish, stating, “I raised my children, yet none of them are willing to care for me now.

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It’s my grandchild who shoulders the responsibility, as my own children avoid visiting me. Some are far away in Bikita or Mberengwa. My granddaughter takes care of me diligently, despite the allegations they’ve made against me.”

He continued, “I often find myself in tears, wondering why my own flesh and blood have turned away. I used to seek help, particularly for food, but age has caught up with me, limiting my mobility.

My children remain distant, and I’m left in the dark about their reasons, but perhaps it’s known only to God. I’ve lost my only son, who used to care for me.”

Dzvokora’s grandchild, Request, who now attends to him, refuted the accusations leveled against his grandfather, asserting, “They accuse him of killing his children, yet I know the truth behind my mother’s passing.

Out of ten siblings, only five remain. I appeal to kind-hearted individuals to lend assistance in caring for my grandfather

A compassionate neighbor, who has extended a helping hand, shed light on the family’s struggles, remarking, “His children suffered from various illnesses, and back then, access to proper medical care was limited.

We’re unaware of the validity of their accusations against their father; however, they continue to shun him, leaving us perplexed and saddened. These thoughts are solely their own, blaming their father for the losses they’ve endured.”

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