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Former Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson Arrested on Corruption Charges

Former Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson Arrested on Corruption Charges

Francis Moyo, the former chairperson of Chiredzi Town Council, has found himself entangled in legal woes following his apprehension by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC). Moyo was presented before a regional magistrate last Friday on charges of criminal abuse of office.

The allegations against Moyo hark back to his tenure as chairperson of the local authority from 2014 to 2018. During this time, it is purported that his personal company received 50 commonage stands. Moyo, who ran as the Zanu PF candidate for Chiredzi Central in the 2023 general elections, was granted release on US$500 bail the following Saturday. His next court appearance is slated for 8 March.

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According to the prosecution, Chiredzi Town Council purportedly allocated 50 commonage stands to Inotrade Investments in Tshovani township in May 2013, which was directed by Trinity Mutsetse. Later, Inotrade Investments joined forces with Justin Chauke Housing Cooperative, associated with Moyo, to develop and construct the stands.

However, subsequent investigations unveiled a concerning lapse: no payment was made to the Ministry of Local Government for the stands, amounting to a potential prejudice of US$60,000.

Moyo’s arrest comes on the heels of another Zacc inquiry into Chiredzi Town Council regarding documents related to the irregular procurement of a Toyota GD6 single-cab vehicle by former chairperson Gibson Hwende in 2021. Allegations suggest the vehicle was sold to Hwende at a significantly reduced price without following proper procedures.

Jameson Charumbira, the current chairperson of Chiredzi Town Council, confirmed Zacc’s visit but remained uninformed about their specific objectives.

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