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Former ZCDC Employee Wins US$200,000 Claim in Labour Court Victory

A former employee of the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), Linda Chiyangwa, has emerged victorious in her legal battle against her former employer, securing a significant claim of US$200,000 following her verbal dismissal in 2016.

Chiyangwa’s success stems from her application for quantification of damages at the Labour Court, where she had initially sought a substantial sum of US$1,446,738.75 in salaries, back pay, punitive damages, and other benefits in lieu of reinstatement from July 2016 to January 2023.

Although Chiyangwa’s claims were contested by ZCDC, citing various arguments including alternative employment found by Chiyangwa in 2018 and the application of Statutory Instrument 33/2019, which normalized US dollar-denominated assets and liabilities to RTGS dollars at a one-to-one rate, the Labour Court ultimately ruled in her favor.

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The court determined that Chiyangwa had indeed been unfairly dismissed and should have the option of reinstatement or damages in lieu of reinstatement. Taking into account her alternative employment from 2018 to 2021 and various other factors, the court awarded her damages totaling US$200,000.

This sum includes back pay owed by ZCDC, notice pay, cash in lieu of leave up to 2018, and 4000 litres of fuel or its equivalent as part of the compensation package.

The ruling represents a significant victory for Chiyangwa and highlights the importance of fair labor practices and adherence to employment laws in ZimbabweHome – ZiMetro News

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