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Freeman, Mutarisi Mocks ZRP Detectives Over Pictures

Freeman, Mutarisi Mocks ZRP Detectives Over Pictures

In a recent social media post that has sparked controversy, businessman Tinashe Mutarisi shared a picture featuring popular artist Freeman and Boss Zino, both holding guns.

The image has generated significant attention and discussion, particularly in light of Freeman’s recent questioning by homicide detectives regarding potential connections to slain robbers.

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While Freeman maintains his innocence and denies any involvement with criminals, Mutarisi sees no reason why the picture should be a cause for concern.

Mutarisi, a prominent music promoter who boasts a substantial following of 489,000 on Facebook, defended the photo, stating that it was simply a screenshot from a music video in which Freeman appeared.

“Ndomapix anosungisa ka aya kkkk asi ka zvakaoma,” he replied on social media after the post by Mutarisi.

“Tine moyo yakaoma maZimbaaaaa.”

The video, titled “Robbery,” has garnered over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Mutarisi clarified that he had previously shared the image and that it should not be interpreted as anything more than a promotional still from the video.

“It’s just a picture of a screen shot taken off Freeman’s video Robbery where I starred as one of the characters. There is nothing much to say about this picture. I have posted it before if you closely follow my posts.

“The video has now clocked over 1.2 million views on YouTube and I was also part of the cast.” The businessman has also featured in some of Jah Prayzah’s videos.

The social media post has drawn various reactions from the public.

Some users, such as Dennica Kanye, expressed support for Mutarisi, commending him for his carefree attitude toward firearms.

Others, like Show-Stopper Mount Darwin, playfully teased Freeman, referencing his recent encounter with the police and the theme of the video.

While Mutarisi maintains that the picture is innocent, critics like Kimberly Kwabana and Chimhau Comedy suggested that the image conveyed a more serious undertone.

The comments section on social media platforms has become a battleground for differing opinions on the matter.

Freeman, a member of the HKD family, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

Some users, including DJ Gallis, jokingly questioned Mutarisi’s involvement in the video and suggested that the image had been taken out of context.

Others, like Bad Company Entertainment ZW, expressed support for Freeman, emphasizing his talent and questioning the need for controversy.

The social media post has also attracted the attention of Paddington Mawondo, who speculated on the potential implications for Freeman given his recent interrogation by detectives.

Tinashe Bhobha Shayanewako raised concerns about the perception of friendships and connections, while Believe Believe emphasized the importance of standing by Freeman and the HKD family.


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