Freeman’s New Album Promising Value

Zimdancehall chanter Sylvester popularly known as Freeman is unfazed by the hype over the flux in the market of other top artist albums as he is set to hit the ground running with the release of his album this week.

The Bindura bred singer will be launching his seventh 12 track album Mukuru Wekambani at a time when fans are still going nuts over Killer T’s widely received album Mashoko Anopfuura.
Winky D and Seh Calaz are also the other top Zimdancehall artists who have released and the Doctor as he is affectionately known is not shy to enter into the fray

However, Freeman through his manager Watson Kafelapanjela said that his album is there to entertain his legion of fans and not to dilute any vibe that is already there.

Zimdancehall music is entrenched in history and habits of dissing and controversy as a way to boost attention but Kafelapanjela says his artist has come of age for that and his music is there to entertain the fans

“The title Mukuru Wekambani does not reflect that we are there to run the show. It translate to the fact that whatever work you do you are the boss and everything that you survive on is your baby,” said his manager.

“ It is not meant to run over other albums in circulation but to add onto what is already there and entertain our fans which is more important, ” he said.

Artists have since adopted the album launch trend as a result of the financial rewards which come with connecting with various influential people in society on such occasions.
During the launch of his album Killer T amassed $40 000 from the flamboyant business Tycoon Genius Kadungure  among other notable faces who chipped in and if the current trend is anything to go by Freeman might cash in a sizeable amount.
“This time we have invited much corporate such as Pacific, Zark and other individuals who stand as corporate entities who are not usually involved in our circular music.
“However what we are going to get will be equally important be it $5 or $10 from individuals because what is important is making people aware of the music we produce,” Kafelapanjela said.

Tocky Vybes, Lady Squanda, Guspy warrior, Seh Calaz and Hwindi President among others expected to light up the event at Club 1+1 tonight.

From South Africa is expected Zimbabwe’s volatile artist Buffalo Souljah.
Freeman has proven to be one of the most consistent artists over the years and has been rewarded by a series of Zimdancehall awards.
His previous album “Top Striker” was a success with songs such as Machine Gun and Zvemufirimu being hits on local chats.

His latest single Nzenza which featured Ex-Q has taken the airwaves by storm receiving widespread airplay.
Some of the songs to look out for in the impending album include Zuva, Biglife and the title track Mukuru weKambani featuring Poptain
Whilst Zimdancehall has been shunned by sections of the adult audience, freeman’s music has received immunity as a result of fusing socially constructive lyrics and entertainment.