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From Prison Cell to Political Stage: Job Sikhala Launches New Political Entity

Zimbabwean political landscape witnessed a seismic tremor today as former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament for Zengeza West, Job Sikhala, emerged from a two-year incarceration and promptly hinted at the inception of a new political entity during his State of the Nation Address earlier today.

Sikhala, known for his fiery rhetoric and staunch opposition to the ruling ZANU PF party, had been imprisoned since June 14, 2022. His release on January 30, 2024, fueled intense speculation about his next political move, especially amid the backdrop of CCC’s internal turmoil and fragmentation.

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The CCC, initially a unified force, has been grappling with internal strife since Sikhala’s imprisonment. Notable fractures include the departure of Nelson Chamisa, the former leader, and Sengezo Tshabangu’s controversial tenure as interim secretary general, marked by allegations of collusion with ZANU PF.

In his address, attended by figures such as Morgen Komichi of the MDC-Alliance and representatives from the diplomatic community, Sikhala outlined his vision for a new political trajectory. Central to his proposition is an extensive nationwide consultative process, engaging various segments of Zimbabwean society, to chart a collective way forward.

“Zimbabwe needs a way forward to answer the national question of where to from here,” Sikhala declared. “The way forward on what should be done from here will come from the people through a mass nationwide democratic consultative process.”

This proposed consultative process is poised to encompass a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including labor unions, students, traditional leaders, persons with disabilities, religious institutions, war veterans, civic societies, informal traders, and farmers.

Sikhala emphasised that the input gathered through these consultations would culminate in a National Democratic People’s Convention, where elected representatives from diverse sectors would debate and consolidate the public’s views.

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