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From Tragedy to Triumph: Violet Avoid’s Alleged Suicide Unravels as a Misguided Prank

In a startling turn of events, what was initially perceived as a tragic tale of renowned Zimbabwean filmmaker Violet Avoid Gonamombe’s alleged suicide has now unfolded as a potentially misguided prank.

The Philippines-based journalist-filmmaker associated with Avylet Studios had been reported to have passed away, with claims suggesting she had taken her own life by ingesting rat poison.

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The news of Violet’s apparent suicide spread rapidly across social media platforms, triggering an outpouring of condolences from fans, colleagues, and well-wishers. Many were taken aback by the sudden and shocking revelation, expressing their grief and sadness at the loss of such a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean film industry.

However, the narrative took an unexpected twist during a live session on social media, where Tichaona Martin Madzikanda, Violet’s husband, came forward to dismiss the reports of her demise.

Contrary to the widespread belief that Violet had succumbed to her inner struggles, Madzikanda revealed that she was, in fact, alive but facing health challenges.

The revelation sent shockwaves through social media, transforming the initial somber mood into a mix of outrage and relief.

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The circumstances surrounding Violet’s health and the confusion generated by the false announcement left many questioning the motives behind such a dramatic and potentially harmful revelation.

As the truth emerged, social media users began expressing their concerns over the inappropriate use of such a serious issue as a mere skit or prank.

The impact of false information on mental health awareness and the broader implications for those genuinely facing mental health challenges were highlighted by many in the online community.

The incident has underscored the need for responsible use of social media platforms and the potential consequences of misinformation, especially when dealing with sensitive topics such as mental health and suicide.

While the initial announcement garnered sympathy and condolences, the subsequent revelation has prompted discussions about the ethical considerations surrounding such public declarations.

Social media reactions:

Mai Musuri

“Mune drama mese mukadzi nemurume.Why wait 24 hours rumor ichifanba.Vanhu vachiposter vachichema iwe uri zii hako.Uchirembedza machende.Dhemeti”
Dumarts Mafanise

“mukoma your video and words hazvisi ku adder zvakanaka Avoid aktaura zvakawanda zvinopikisana nekuva echitaura story yemumwe munhu ini ndoona sekuti Avoid azongokwanisa kurarama asi kunwa mushonga ndoona sekuti anga anwa hake uye apa mavakuda kuita damage contro after maona kuti zvatekeshera in bad way”
Samantha T Palmer

“Iwe nemkadz wako muri mapenzi..why didn’t you caption the video kut based on a true story if you’re not amateurs vloggers..munongopotsera and leave viewers to decipher kut inyaya or zvakatoitika here..now makuuya muchit vanhu tangai maita tsvakurudzo..yechii..dhemet”
Tsungai – MuNdau we Kanyi 

“This is absolutely not ok and something does not add up. Let’s say it was a skit, she should have mentioned it at the end. You cannot play with people’s feelings like that. Next time when something is real and help is really needed ppl will not believe it.”


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