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Fuel Dealer ‘Charles Whide’ Faces Charges for Defrauding Faith Fuels of US$56,200

Fuel Dealer ‘Charles Whide’ Faces Charges for Defrauding Faith Fuels of US$56,200

A fuel dealer, Charles Whide, has been accused of embezzling US$56,200 that was paid in advance by Faith Fuels (Pvt) Limited for the supply of 80,000 liters of fuel.

Harare magistrate Mrs. Appollonia Marutya, presiding over the case, granted Whide, aged 39 and represented by Mr. Steven Chikotora, release from detention until February 23 on free bail.

Faith Fuels (Pvt) Limited, the complainant in this case, is represented by Ryan Dzapata, and the state, guided by Mr. Thomas Chanakira, is pursuing charges against Whide.

The State’s case alleges that on May 19, 2022, Whide approached Ryan Dzapata of Faith Fuels (Pvt) Ltd. and claimed that he could source fuel on their behalf from Strauss Logistics (Pvt) Limited, a bulk fuel trading organization.

Purportedly acting as a middleman, Whide convinced Mr. Dzapata to place an order for 80,000 liters of diesel. To secure the deal, Mr. Dzapata paid Whide a deposit of US$56,200, with the understanding that the remaining amount would be settled upon fuel delivery.

However, the State contends that Whide failed to fulfill his end of the agreement and did not provide the fuel as promised. When Mr. Dzapata attempted to contact Whide, he received false assurances and explanations, including a claim that the fuel had been purchased from Mozambique but was intercepted by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).

As Whide continued to evade communication and even changed his phone number, Mr. Dzapata grew suspicious. After waiting for over a year without any delivery, Mr. Dzapata reported the matter to the police, leading to Whide’s detention.

The fraudulent activities of Charles Whide resulted in Faith Fuels (Pvt) Limited suffering a financial loss of US$56,200, and no recovery of the funds has been made thus far.

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