GEMMA Griffiths says her two-year road trip in Africa was a way to connect with the continent.

She says her adventure, which began in 2019 in search of creativity, saw her produce the chart-topper Mugarden, featuring Winky D.

Gemma told H-Metro that her journey was meant to try and find inspiration in music and be an experience of a lifetime.

“I wanted to write, I wanted to learn from the places I was visiting, the people I was meeting.

“I wanted the continent to teach me.

“And, I did, I learnt so much. I wrote music and poetry, and I grew so much as a person.

“I am beyond grateful that I did that trip and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

“I travelled across Africa in a Land Rover for about two years, starting one month before Mugarden came out, and so most of my music to date I released while living on the road.

“Driving around the continent with my studio and keyboard.

“I’m back in Zimbabwe now and happier than ever for this next step.

“My latest EP A Girl From Harare is out and I’ll be doing a nationwide tour of Zimbabwe soon, which will see me play live at Vic Falls Carnival 29 April – 1 May, Bulawayo on 7 May, Kwekwe on 14 May, Mutare on 27 May, Harare on 28 May and Gweru on 4 June,” she said.

Gemma revealed why nature inspires her art.

“There is something in the outdoors that brings us back to our intrinsic nature,” she said.

“It’s built in us, to feel at peace in the natural environment.

“I can think clearly when I am with nature.

“I can arrange my thoughts and really dive into what is going on, without the distraction of the city.

“Out there it’s me and God. Me and music. Just me.”

Gemma has been one of the most consistent local artists and she believes her success emanates from persistence, and her passion for art.

“It’s never a guarantee to succeed in the music industry, but I think it would be exceptionally difficult to succeed without consistency and dedication to your craft and your vision.

“You have to live and breathe your art.

“Behind every successful artist is years of persistent work towards a goal that we often don’t get to see from our television screens.

“I’m also a strong believer in building a solid foundation for your career, putting in the hours, often it’s not glamorous, I slept on couches and played countless gigs to get to where I am today.”

“And, the hustle will continue God willing,” she told H-Metro.

The track Mugarden is one of the major highlights of her career.

One of her memorable moments in the music career was performing alongside the late Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.