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Gevha Gospel-infused Zimdancehall Wows Fans at Jongwe Corner

Gevha, a versatile artist blending Gospel and Zimdancehall, captivated audiences with his dynamic performance at Jongwe Corner last weekend.

Serving as the opening act for Enzo Ishall’s eagerly anticipated show, Gevha, adorned with tattoos, left an indelible mark on fans with his electrifying stage presence reminiscent of Jamaican chanters, igniting a fervor among the crowd who clamored for an encore.

Despite his roots in the vibrant Zimdancehall scene, Gevha revealed himself as a devout Christian, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his faith through his music. “First and foremost, I am a Christian,” he affirmed. “I’m elated that my fans resonate with my Gospel-infused tunes. It’s a privilege to spread the word of God, especially to those who may not encounter it otherwise.”

Reflecting on his journey, Gevha recounted a pivotal moment that spurred his transition to gospel music. “I witnessed a pastor disparaging a Rastafarian, and it struck me that many individuals are deprived of hearing God’s message. That inspired me to use my platform to deliver uplifting songs.”

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Among the crowd, Miss Musindo expressed admiration for Gevha’s talent and innovative approach. “As a young woman seeking entertainment, I’m drawn to the rhythms of dancehall and Amapiano. Gevha’s music has shifted my perception, steering clear of explicit lyrics commonly found in Zimdancehall. His creativity and positive message resonate deeply with me.”

In an era dominated by various musical genres, Gevha’s fusion of gospel and Zimdancehall not only entertains but also uplifts, leaving an enduring impact on his audienceHome – ZiMetro News

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