Ghettocracy Score: Phase 2 Tickets Now On Sale

Ghettocracy Score: Phase 2 Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets for the Ghettocracy Score launch are currently available exclusively at the Rainbow Towers Hotel. Gateway Stream Media has announced that tickets can also be obtained at MedOrange Pharmacies and New Ambassador Hotel.

The tickets will be accessible starting on the 14th of December 2023.

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Following the swift sell-out of phase 1 tickets introduced earlier this month, new ticket prices have been set. Standard tickets, previously priced at $15, are now available for $20, and VIP tickets, formerly $30, are now priced at $50.

Winky D, preparing to celebrate two decades of musical excellence, is scheduled to deliver a special performance at the Harare International Conference Centre on December 31st. Don’t miss out on this historic celebration.

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