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Gibson “Spaghetti” Chisoni Releases New Album, Seeks Redemption as a Solo Artist

In 2019, Gibson “Spaghetti” Chisoni made the bold decision to part ways with Leonard “Karikoga” Zhakata’s camp and embark on a solo music career. However, his journey as an independent musician has been far from easy.

Having been a close ally and confidante of Zhakata, Spaghetti faced criticism and was labeled a traitor by followers of Zhakata’s music. Despite claims of an amicable separation between Zhakata and Spaghetti, fans of the veteran lyricist, affectionately known as ZORA music cadres (Zimbabwe Original Rhythms of Africa), had not forgiven him.

Undeterred by the backlash, Spaghetti remained determined and resolute, vowing not to give up. Recently, he released his third album titled “Bvuma Kufushirwa” (Acceptance), which offers hope to those in despair.

The album, consisting of eight tracks, including “Kusimba Kwesimbi,” “Spenda Mari” featuring Tryson Chimbetu, “Madhanzi Manyama,” “Tsananguro,” “Never Give Up,” “Ulari,” “Dofo Rerudo,” and “Musoro Bhangu,” showcases Spaghetti’s personal journey, recounting the challenges he has faced and the desire for redemption.

Recorded at Dubz Mastang Studios and mixed by veteran producer Bothwell Nyamhondera, the album boasts polished production, engineering, and arrangement. Spaghetti appeals to his fans, especially the die-hard ZORA cadres, to accept him and forgive his past actions, acknowledging that he wronged them by leaving Zhakata’s camp.

“We are still on good terms with the Bishop (Zhakata), and it’s disheartening when people attempt to create unnecessary tension between us,” Spaghetti expressed. “He was my mentor who took me from Shamva, welcomed me into his home, and looked after me. However, in life, we must grow and move forward.”

Gibson, who has assembled his own band from scratch, believes that with each project, he is evolving as an artist. He acknowledges being initially influenced by Zhakata’s style in his first album, “Sora Rekapinga” (The Dawn of Rekapinga) released in 2019. However, in his second album, “Tungidza Moyo” (Awaken the Soul), and his latest offering, he has found his own identity and sound.

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As a versatile entertainer skilled in dancing, singing, and playing the guitar, Spaghetti remains optimistic that his creativity will open doors for him. He recognizes the need for artists to think outside the box to win the hearts of fans in today’s dynamic entertainment landscape.

“In my case, I’m also experimenting with new sounds and beats that resonate with the current generation,” Gibson explained. “I’ve even ventured into Afro beats, and the response has been positive. I do all of this to capture the hearts of a wide audience.”

Like many artists who have left prominent bands to pursue solo careers, Spaghetti understands that criticism can serve as a catalyst for growth and strength. He is aware that success doesn’t come easily and is determined to prove himself as an independent artist.

“I’ve come to realize the importance of resilience and establishing my own identity,” he emphasized. “Those who have formed their own groups after leaving well-known names didn’t have an easy journey. There were moments when artists in my position almost gave up, but in my case, quitting is not an option.”

Gibson’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to personal growth serve as beacons of hope for aspiring artists and a testament to the resilience required to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry. With his new album, he hopes to win over audiences and find redemption, proving that he is an artist in his own right.

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