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Goblins Torment Three Bulawayo Children

Goblins Torment Three Bulawayo Children

Three children from Magwegwe North in Bulawayo are living through a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

According to a family member who wished to remain anonymous, “We don’t know what to do anymore. It started last November. One morning, our children woke up with their heads shaved.”

This inexplicable event marked the beginning of a series of eerie occurrences that escalated into relentless torment at the hands of invisible creatures, suspected to be goblins.

The children, aged 13, 12, and eight, who are under the care of their elderly grandparents, have been subjected to a barrage of supernatural phenomena.

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“The next day, our youngest child woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. He had been stabbed in the leg with a knife! He also woke up with his head shaved again,” recounted the family member, their voice trembling with fear.

Desperate for help, the family reached out to various prophets and churches, but their efforts seemed to exacerbate the situation.

“We hired a spiritual healer for a cleansing ceremony. The following day, the house mysteriously burned down, but only the bedrooms were affected,” said the family member. This mysterious fire, which spared the kitchen and dining room, left them even more bewildered and frightened.

In a bid to escape the malevolent forces, the children were sent to South Africa to stay with their maternal grandmother. However, the disturbances followed them there, resuming within days of their arrival. Reports from South Africa detailed similar incidents of physical assaults, destruction of property, and unexplained occurrences, leaving the family in a state of despair.

As the situation continues to escalate, the children’s grandmother, Mayinesi Chongwe, tearfully revealed that they have been ostracized by the community, with neighbors accusing her of witchcraft. “Some neighbors accuse me of witchcraft, believing I’m behind these misfortunes,” she said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Amidst the chaos, a neighbor, Ruramai Dliwayo, expressed concern for the children’s safety, believing that the unseen forces are intent on causing them harm. “The children were sleeping in my living room when a teapot and cups from the display cabinet were mysteriously moved and used to hit the children throughout the night,” explained Dliwayo, highlighting the severity of the situation.

One of the victims, a 13-year-old girl, shared her harrowing experiences, expressing fear of attending school due to constant uniform damage and physical attacks. “We sometimes get slapped or hit by stones that seem to appear out of nowhere, making our lives a living nightmare,” she said.

With no respite in sight and their pleas for help seemingly falling on deaf ears, the family is reaching out to the public for assistance in their time of need. “We are pleading for any help we can get,” said the family member, echoing the desperation felt by all those affected by this inexplicable ordeal.


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