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Gokwe Resident Faces Legal Trouble for Referring President ED as a ‘Scud’

Mark Mandiki, a resident of Gokwe, finds himself in a legal predicament following allegations that he referred to President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a “Scud.”

It is reported that Mandiki made these comments on February 25, 2023, during a heated argument with a member of Zanu-PF, Doubt Tonhorayi.

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Mandiki was charged with undermining and insulting the Office of the President.

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According to excerpts from the charge sheet, Mandiki allegedly stated, “Your President Mnangagwa resembles an ancient opaque beer container known as SCUD, hence the nickname ED, signifying his decay.”

The State concluded its case on Wednesday after three witnesses testified in the matter.

Mandiki is set to present his defense on April 3, asserting that Tonhorayi is falsely accusing him due to past political differences.

Mandiki alleges that Tonhorayi was previously aligned with the opposition before joining Zanu-PF, leading to animosity between them

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