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Government Bans Doctors And Nurses From Wearing Jeans

Government Bans Doctors And Nurses From Wearing Jeans

The Health and Child Care Ministry has issued a stern warning to medical practitioners, emphasizing the importance of adhering to a formal dress code while on duty. Permanent Secretary Aspect Maunganidze conveyed this directive in a recent statement, asserting that the dignity of the profession necessitates a standard of formal wear for health workers.

Maunganidze highlighted the significance of maintaining a professional appearance within the health service and emphasized that deviations from the dress code would only be permitted when the nature of the duties warrants special consideration. The discretion for exceptions lies with the head of the ministry.

“To ensure dignity and formality in the health service, be advised that standards of dressing are required of members of the health services on official duty,” Maunganidze stated.

The Health Services Board has introduced a circular reinforcing the importance of the dress code, indicating that compliance is mandatory for all health workers. The ministry underscored the need for uniformed staff to wear the full prescribed uniform as outlined by the Health Services Board.

The dress code explicitly prohibits the use of tennis shoes or takkies by both men and women. In the case of men, the wearing of open sandals is permissible only for medical reasons, and respective heads of departments must request medical certificates from affected members.

Reacting to the directive, Zimbabwe Nurses Association President Enock Dongo stated that he had not yet seen the circular, indicating that awareness within the healthcare community might be variable.


Source: Newsday

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