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Government Justifies Sikhala’s Detention Justified

Government Justifies Sikhala’s Detention Justified

Zimbabwe’s Justice Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi, has defended the continued detention of former legislator Job Sikhala, asserting that the government has valid reasons to keep him in prison.

Sikhala has been in remand prison since June 14, 2022, following his arrest on charges of inciting public violence during the funeral wake of Moreblessing Ali, a CCC activist who was tragically murdered hby a ZANU PF activist named Pius Mukandi, commonly known as Jamba. Mukandi was recently sentenced to 30 years in jail for the crime.

During an interview at the opening of the 2024 legal year in Harare, Minister Ziyambi responded to allegations that Sikhala was a political prisoner, affirming that the law remains impartial and court decisions should not be expected to favor any particular side.

According to NewsDay, he stressed the independence of the courts and their ability to operate without interference. Minister Ziyambi stated:

“When you go to the courts, do not expect the outcome to be in your favor. Even our Chief Justice Luke Malaba addressed such matters in his speech during the opening of the 2024 legal year. Cases are examined from both perspectives. If you approach the courts, anticipate a fair judgment; anything else will lead to disappointment. Those who criticize Sikhala’s situation desire the courts to align with their expectations and wishes. Our courts are independent, and they are diligently carrying out their responsibilities without interference.”

The spokesperson of the CCC, Promise Mkwananzi, accused the government of displaying double standards and labeled Sikhala a political prisoner.

Human rights activists, both within the country and internationally, have been advocating for Sikhala’s release, arguing that he is being deprived of justice. The CCC has also accused the judiciary of being influenced by the ZANU PF-led government.

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