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Harare goes regal

Harare goes regal

By Showbiz Writer

The much awaited debut Morgan Heritage show is here and the writing is on the wall.

The Morgan family has on a few occasions been scheduled to perform in the country before the plans faltered but it looks like there will be need for effort for this gig not to happen.

Touring artistes start arriving early Thursday morning with the second group scheduled to arrive in the country on Friday before their show at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Organisers of the gig said everything was on course for the show.

“We are well set for the show on Saturday and we are happy with how preparations have gone so far,” said 2 Kings boss Dee Nosh.

“The first batch arrives early Thursday morning and that will be the brothers Peetah (Peter), Mojo (Memmalatel) and Gramps (Roy) accompanied by their road manager while the rest of the team arrives in the country on Friday.”

He said they had also exhausted their allocation for the cheapest ticket that was selling at $10.

“Tickets for $10 are sold out and we are only left with those for $15, $20 and $50 but those too are limited considering that the venue is closed and can only take a limited number of people,” he said.