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Harare Man Fined for Selling Counterfeit Livestock Booster

A Harare man, Wesley Dingo (26), has been fined US$200 by the court for selling a counterfeit branded livestock booster. Harare Magistrate Mrs. Ruth Moyo convicted Dingo of selling goods with forged registered trademarks after a full trial.

In default of paying the fine, Dingo faces a three-month jail sentence.

The complainant in the case is Uhai Agro Investment (Pvt) Ltd, represented by Raphael Kamba. According to the State led by Ms. Mandirasa Chigumira, the case began when Uhai Agro Investments (Pvt) Ltd received complaints about the poor performance of their product, Molamax Plus livestock booster, in November last year.

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As complaints increased and refunds were issued to dissatisfied customers, it became evident that someone was selling a product under Uhai Agro Investment’s trademark without authorization. Investigations revealed that Dingo was distributing a product with a similar name but different from the company’s original product.

Dingo was apprehended after issuing a receipt bearing the complainant’s trademark for the counterfeit product he sold to one of the clients. He was reported to the police, leading to his arrest and subsequent trial.

IN ANOTHER NEWS, In a startling turn of events, Harare-based lawyer Linda Kovi found herself at the center of a legal storm, facing charges of obstruction of justice. The accusations stemmed from alleged attempts to intimidate witnesses in a pending fraud case, as detailed during her recent appearance in court before Harare Magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

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