Harare Mayor Extends Unprecedented Support to Sunshine City Festival

Harare Mayor Extends Unprecedented Support to Sunshine City Festival

In a historic move, the Harare City Council, led by Mayor His Worship Jacob Mafume, has demonstrated unwavering support for the ongoing Sunshine City Festival by providing essential services unprecedented in the event’s history.

For the first time, the council has allocated resources, including a group of medical practitioners on standby with an ambulance, 35 security personnel, and a waste management that took care of the arena’s cleanliness and even cleaned and collected litter on early morning of day two to ensure the smooth operation of the festival currently underway in Harare.

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Mayor Mafume, speaking exclusively to the Showbiz News team, emphasised the council’s commitment to bolstering events that enrich Harare’s cultural landscape.

“It is our duty to rally behind events happening in Harare because they contribute to the vibrancy of our city,” said Mayor Mafume, highlighting the council’s role in fostering a thriving community.

Acknowledging the significance of safety and logistics, Mayor Mafume underscored the provision of municipal police to collaborate with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) members in maintaining order and ensuring the festival’s seamless execution.

The unprecedented support from the Harare City Council reflects a collaborative effort to elevate the Sunshine City Festival and showcase the city’s potential as a cultural and tourism hub.

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