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Haurase Doro!!! Man Stabbed to Death at In-Laws’ Residence Over Spilled Masese

Haurase Doro!!! Man Stabbed to Death at In-Laws’ Residence Over Spilled Masese

Tragedy struck in Bulawayo’s Emthunzini suburb as a man lost his life at his in-laws’ house after a dispute involving spilled masese, a traditional opaque beer.

The grim incident involved a brutal assault with an electric cable followed by a fatal stabbing with an Okapi knife, as confirmed by acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele.

Expressing concern over the resort to violence in disputes, Assistant Inspector Msebele discouraged community members from taking matters into their own hands. She emphasized that such violence leads to unnecessary loss of life that could have been avoided.

The incident unfolded while Fios Ncube was drinking with his neighbors, Mbalenhle Ncube (22), Themba Moyo (26), and Hloniphani Sibanda (26). Fios, in an intoxicated state, accidentally tripped on the spilled beer, triggering a violent response from the trio.

According to a source, in a fit of anger, Ncube assaulted Fios by repeatedly striking him on the head with a plastic dish. Fios called for help, leading his mother-in-law, Sithembinkosi Tshuma (55), to intervene. She found him bleeding from the head and took him to her home, where he slept in one of the bedrooms.

After a brief period, Fios returned to the scene to find Ncube, Moyo, and Sibanda still consuming beer. In a heated confrontation, Fios grabbed Ncube, pushing him against the wall. The situation escalated when Moyo used an electric cable to thrash Fios multiple times across his body.

Subsequently, Sibanda, allegedly armed with an Okapi knife, stabbed Fios twice in the neck. Fios was rushed to the hospital for treatment but succumbed to his injuries while undergoing medical care.

Source: B-metro

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