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Here Is The Real Reason DJ Ollah 7 Was Arrested

Here Is The Real Reason DJ Ollah 7 Was Arrested

Harare-based radio personality, Owen Madondo, widely known as DJ Ollah 7, found himself in legal trouble after being arrested for a road rage incident involving a quarrel with police officers in Harare on Wednesday.

Upon being contacted by H-Metro for his perspective on the incident, DJ Ollah 7 took to his social media platforms to address the situation. In a video posted online, he appeared to dismiss the reports of his arrest. Additionally, he commented on a photograph posted by H-Metro, showing him in handcuffs, asserting that he was not arrested.

According to DJ Ollah 7, the altercation ensued after a motorist collided with his vehicle, and among the passengers were police officers. This led to a verbal confrontation, resulting in one of the officers handcuffing both Madondo and the other motorist. Subsequently, they were taken to Harare Central Police Station.

“I had a misunderstanding with some police officers,” explained DJ Ollah to H-Metro. “A motorist bumped my vehicle, and among his passengers were some police officers. Upon questioning the motorist about scratching my vehicle, the officers came out and we quarreled. The incident attracted a number of people who gathered around.”

He continued, “The officers became angry with me, and one of them, in plain clothes, came and handcuffed me and the other motorist, and took us to Harare Central Police Station. I was released.”

This incident highlights the tensions that can arise in road rage situations and the need for effective conflict resolution to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

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