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Hip-Hop Musician Bagga Claims Exorbitant Collaboration Fee Charged by Saint Floew

Hip-Hop Musician Bagga Claims Exorbitant Collaboration Fee Charged by Saint Floew

Upcoming Hip-Hop artist Bagga has come forward to claim that he was charged a staggering sum of US$5,000 for a collaboration with fellow musician Saint Floew.

The exorbitant fee has sparked a heated debate among fans and industry insiders, raising questions about the ethics and fairness of such financial agreements within the music community.

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Bagga WeRagga born Nigel Nyagato , known for his chart-topping hits and unique lyrical style, made the revelation during social media post. The artist expressed his dismay at the exorbitant fee demanded by Saint Floew, stating that it was far beyond the industry norms for collaboration between artists of their stature.

The news of this exorbitant charge has ignited a storm on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment and calling for transparency in the music industry.

Many have criticized Saint Floew for what they perceive as an unfair and exploitative practice, questioning the authenticity of collaborations that are seemingly driven by monetary gain rather than artistic integrity.

Social media reactions:

Styles Melik  ·

“This industry no balance.”

Tsungie Yson Stimah

“Ko Bagga wacho zvaariye anototi gonei wani.”

Edson Muchecheterwa

“Pamuchaziva @Bagga we raggae muchanyarara nyaya dza saintflow GUYS SAINT ARIKUMARA ZVEKUDARO.”

Upenyu Tonde Maumbe

“Ramba wangu rova music yako wega 1 day they will ask you for a collabo mahara.”

Kudakwashe Nyamande

“Akuda kutomuka newe mukomana we tea iye anewakambopa kana thousand zvaro ngasamhupuke.”
Tonderai Mapako

“Ambokosheyi mfana weGuka uyo Saint sit down ????
Bagga shanda Ngoma dzako wega usamira ramba uchishanda vachakutsvagawo.”

This incident has also highlighted the broader issue of financial transparency in the music industry. While collaborations between artists are not uncommon, the practice of charging substantial fees for such partnerships has raised concerns about the impact on creativity and accessibility.



4 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Musician Bagga Claims Exorbitant Collaboration Fee Charged by Saint Floew

  • Iwe Bagga unodirey colabo naSaint,Mira wega nguva yakoichakwana.Iwe Saint haikona kudadira varipasi batidzana nevaripasi kuti mafans akuyemure.

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