Hometown the New Family Haven

Hometown the New Family Haven

By Tsitsi Ndabambi

Family entertainment enthusiasts are in for a treat of full and quality catering for all ages at the soon to open Hometown Coffee and Barbeque joint at Pomona, a few paces away from Sam Levy’s Village.

This is a child friendly extension of Pabloz and the owners are already boasting-American style barbeques combined with signature coffees housed in the pattisiere and a variety of palettes in the African thatch; are a magical an unmatchable ambiance.

Hometown will be offering wine tasting sessions of their own signature house wines for wine connesuers and over 300 hundred wines from famous brands.

“Parents will be able to make a once off payment and leave their children in the care of four professional child minders who will keep the children entertained in the Candy House where there is a state of the art video arcade, a candy bar, and toys,” said a representative.

“Hometown has partnered with Pabloz Club to maximize on creating quality indoor and outdoor entertainment day and night. We officially open in a fortnight and right now construction workers are hard at work to bring this five star family entertainment venue to life.”