How The Youths Mourned Their Idol

Lorraine Muwuya

Saul “Sauro” Musaka Chibaba Makuruwani as he was popularly known, truly was the Ghetto Yuts legend and this was witnessed on his funeral wake and burial at Warren Hills.

Saul was through the Zanu Pf protocol declared a liberation hero. 
Thousands of Youths from all walks of life thronged the burial site despite Covid 19 pandemic regulations.

Law enforcement personnel tried to block them from getting anywhere closer to where the “Ndini uya uya” hit maker was going to finally put to rest but that fell on deaf ears. 

They even ignored the protocl of respecting the dead by standing on tombstones in the graveyard. As the law enforcement drove them away trying to adhere to the COVID regulations they broke and trampled on and broke tombstones an extra expense for the ramaining families who had constructed them in honor of their late beloved ones.

As it is said that a departed person is followed by their previous works, deeds etc, at most of his shows, there used to be stampedes and a lot of pushing and shoving just to get closer to him on stage.

It took a second try for him to be buried after the chaos that saw a part of his coffin open up and the noisy youths disturbing the proceedings.

The Nyaradzo personnel had to retun Soul Jah Love’s coffin back to the hearse and wait for the army and the police to settle down the commotion.

His family did not get to witness the rest of the chaotic funeral service as they were blocked by the radical youths.

Indeed he was a young people’s icon with a different type of influence that no parent would tolerate, although all salute and respect should go to his music artistry.

Featured are the funeral highlight images by Tsitsi Ndabambi