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Husband Catches Wife in Bed with Coworker at Westridge Primary School

A tale of betrayal unfolded at Westridge Primary School when the clandestine affair between two educators was exposed in the most unexpected manner.

Thomas Chikanga, aged 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, aged 36, found themselves entangled in an illicit romance that had been brewing for a month.

Both esteemed teachers at the school, they had managed to keep their liaison under wraps until a fateful Saturday morning.

Nyathi, whose husband was stationed in Kwekwe as a soldier, utilised her marital circumstances to her advantage, allowing their affair to flourish within the confines of her matrimonial home without a hint of remorse.

She even went as far as introducing Chikanga to her children, masking his visits as mere educational assistance.

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Their rendezvous often extended into the early hours, with Chikanga discreetly departing Nyathi’s residence in Budiriro before daybreak to evade detection by her unsuspecting children.

However, their cloak of secrecy was shattered when Nyathi’s husband, Noel Matiza, acting on a tip-off, stumbled upon the two lovers entwined in their bed.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Chikanga expressed his dismay, revealing how Nyathi had misled him into believing she was separated from her husband, and lamenting his unwillingness to be manipulated into resolving their marital disputes.

“There was nothing I could do since my husband had abandoned me for long. I ended up dating my workmate and was prepared to be his second wife. Anoshandira kuKwekwe uko, musoja saka akangondisiya asingadzoke saka ndazodiiwo?,” she told H-Metro.

Meanwhile, Matiza, Nyathi’s husband, recounted his previous encounter with infidelity within their marriage and his disappointment at discovering her betrayal once again.

Although he refrained from direct confrontation, he hinted at resorting to traditional means to address the situation, symbolised by his intention to take Chikanga’s underwear to a traditional healer.

Thus, within the corridors of academia, a tale of forbidden love and marital discord unfolded, leaving behind a trail of broken trust and shattered illusions.

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