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Hwende Claims US$2 Million Meant For Polling Agents Vanishes From CCC Funds

Hwende Claims US$2 Million Meant For Polling Agents Vanishes From CCC Funds

Mr. Charlton Hwende, a senior official and lawmaker within the opposition CCC party, aligned with a faction controlling the party, alleged on Wednesday that leaders from a rival faction supporting former leader Mr. Nelson Chamisa had misappropriated party funds designated for paying election agents during the previous year’s harmonized elections.

This opposing faction, led by Mr. Amos Chibaya and Mr. Gift Ostallos Siziba, has been actively conducting operations and holding meetings while displaying loyalty to Mr. Chamisa by wearing blue attire.

They have engaged with Chamisa’s supporters across various provinces, including Bulawayo, the Midlands, Harare, and Manicaland.

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Confirmation of the missing funds came from CCC’s Marondera Central Member of Parliament, Mr. Caston Matewu, who asserted that he did not receive his allocated funds, suggesting that whoever received the money in Zimbabwe failed to distribute it as intended.

Mr. Hwende aired these accusations through his official account in response to former CCC legislator Mr. Willard Madzimbamuto, who labeled the “blue movement” as a deceptive and fictional factional agenda. Mr. Hwende countered by accusing his colleagues of perpetuating deception within the opposition party, lamenting its current state, which he claimed is now filled with compromised individuals.

“The blue brigade is a fictitious and deceptive factional agenda. A classic example of abuse of the perceived proximity to power! We must be disturbed when once a great movement that filled stadiums now is celebrated in halls and homes.”

In response, Mr Hwende accused his colleagues of driving “deception” within the opposition party that is now “full of compromised people”.

“This is what is happening and a correct assessment of what is happening. People who stole money for election agents are the ones driving this deception,” said Mr Hwende.

Regarding the missing funds, CCC’s interim secretary general, Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, revealed last year that $2 million donated by the European Union for paying polling agents and other election-related expenses remained unaccounted for.

However, CCC’s deputy spokesperson, Mr. Siziba, dismissed the issue, stating that all polling agents had received a total of $105,000.

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