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Pastor Charamba Urges Teaching Kids About Drugs In School

Pastor Charamba Urges Teaching Kids About Drugs in School

Pastor Charles Charamba Urges Inclusion of Drug and Substance Abuse Education in School Curriculum

Charamba is advocating for educational leaders to tackle the urgent issue of drug and substance abuse by integrating it into the new curriculum.

The experienced gospel musician highlights the importance of initiating awareness campaigns, starting in the early grades like ECD A and B classes.

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Pastor Charamba also expresses concern about the lack of action against known drug lords.

Pastor Charles Charamba believes that, just like kids learn about HIV and AIDS in school, they should also be taught about drugs and substance abuse.

He thinks it’s important to start teaching this stuff early, even in classes like ECD.

Pastor Charamba is worried that not enough is being done about known drug dealers.

He says that when HIV and AIDS were first found in Zimbabwe, they started teaching about it in schools.

Now, he thinks it’s time to do the same for drug issues.

According to Pastor Charamba, kids in early classes have the right to know about things like drugs. He says it’s not a secret anymore, and everyone needs to work together to make sure people know about it.

Pastor Charamba doesn’t think only helping people who are already addicted is enough.

He believes we should also teach young people about drugs to prevent problems in the first place.

The leader of the Fishers of Men group adds that besides drugs, kids should also learn about other social issues like sexual abuse.

He wants everyone to be open about these things to protect future generations.

Pastor Charamba suggests that churches can help spread the word about these issues and reach more people.

Last year, in October, the government started a team to deal with the problem of drug abuse.

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