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Exclusive: Inside Silent Killer’s Dark Secret – Ex-Manager Reveals Drug Abuse Struggle

Elder Shambare Exposes Silent Killer’s Troubling Drug Abuse

In a shocking revelation, Elder Shambare, the former manager of popular musician Silent Killer, has come forward to shed light on the rampant drug abuse plaguing the talented chanter.

Having recently resigned from his position, Shambare expressed his immense difficulty in working with Silent Killer due to his addiction to drugs.

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Speaking to H-Metro, Shambare disclosed, “The issue isn’t solely about the contract ending, but rather my inability to cope with his behavior, lack of seriousness regarding business matters, and his excessive drug abuse, all of which have hindered the development of his career.”

Fearing the potential repercussions such revelations might have on Silent Killer’s image and career, Shambare chose to address the matter cautiously.

“I am apprehensive about disclosing the real issues, as it could further damage his reputation among fans and promoters. Therefore, I have decided to approach the matter delicately, so as not to cause despair among various stakeholders,” he said.

Despite the challenges posed by Silent Killer’s drug addiction, the artist had experienced a successful year, garnering attention and acclaim throughout the industry.

A few months ago, users on X, formerly known as Twitter, began endorsing him by sharing his lyrics and creating video clips featuring his most humorous songs.

Adding to his achievements, the Locker Mastreets hitmaker embarked on an international tour, including performances in the United Kingdom at the end of October, followed by shows in South Africa.

However, with the departure of Elder Shambare, the future management of Silent Killer’s career remains uncertain.

Elder Shambare, having firsthand experience of the struggles associated with the artist’s drug abuse, believes that whoever takes on the role of manager will face an arduous task in navigating Silent Killer’s turbulent journey to recovery and maintaining his professional path.

The revelation of Silent Killer’s drug addiction has sent shockwaves through the music industry, leaving fans and promoters pondering the future of the talented artist.

As the search for a new manager begins, it remains to be seen how Silent Killer will address his drug abuse issues and whether he will be able to regain stability in his career while battling this silent killer of his own making.

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