IS Nox Finally Settling

Nox Guni finally settled for his Zimbabwean England based girlfriend Tallyn Tadzo Ndudzo by putting an engagement ring on her finger a few days ago in the eyes of his fans on social media. The urban groove singer who has penned and performed more than a hundred songs in his own right qualifies to be a Big Brother House participant or a Playboy House resident due to several relationship scandals which include leaked nudes and squabbles with his former girlfriends.
The merciless social media socialites who once mocked and teased him for his small member picture which was splashed to the public, took time to congratulate the couple who went live on Monday morning sharing their new joy.
Who knows probably Nox was moved by Tadzo who stood by him and posted this status, “no joystick is too small to a well-kept vayjay, if you have reached a stage where you feel joysticks are small, congrats you have made it to the borehole my sister.”
Nox could be seen bare chested lying in bed sipping a can of alcohol in the background while his lover who wore a red dress all made up for the spotlight did most of the interaction.
The couple responding to their fans’ questions even hinted wedding bells in the near future unfortunately they did not share any more information to do with marriage probably hanging on to the details for later.
The urban grooves musician is among a few who are still standing after the local music scene was dominated by the Zim dancehall genre.
Based in South Africa under the Ices and Roses stable, Nox and his comrades in R’n’B and urban grooves music Trevor Dongo and Cindy Munyavi are still powerful forces who are often seen on top notch foreign show posters.
They are well respected for their musical perseverance producing the same polished and improved music genre and not running with the wind everywhere it goes just to follow the current trend. This has worked for them and definitely their music is doing well in the market.
The world is yet to see if Tadzo has tamed the playboy into a one woman man who is devout after he shared a bible verse to his fans on their live video, when they were sharing tips to a relationship that led them to their engagement.
On his posts is the Warren James Diamond Ring Jewellery of South Africa which means that he carried this precious possession all the way to England to his future bride just to put it on her finger.
Ironically Nox has just released his new DVD compilation which consists of tracks like Uchandifunga which carries a message to an ex-lover who will miss him, Heart Break and No Reverse among the list of ten songs.