Isreal Raids, Kills over 400 and Ruins Al-Shifa Hospital 

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Isreal Raids, Kills over 400 and Ruins Al-Shifa Hospital

Ambassador of the state of Palestine Dr Tamer Almassri strongly disapproved the Israeli occupation forces two-week raid into Gaza biggest hospital leaving it in complete ruins with over 400 Palestinian civilians including doctors killed who had sought shelter within the hospital compound.

Dozens of bodies, some decomposed, have been found in and around the medical complex, which is now completely out of service. The Israeli occupation army totally destroyed all departments, buildings and infrastructure in Al-Shifa Complex, adding that it is difficult to count the number of slain civilians, especially since it bulldozed the roads and buried the bodies inside and around the complex. The occupation forces also burned or destroyed many homes and residential buildings in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which includes thousands of residential units.

Gaza’s hospitals have been a main focus of the current Israeli genocide with thousands of Palestinians seeking shelter from Israeli bombardment in their grounds and Israeli forces storming the facilities under the false pretext that there are Palestinian freedom fighters.

Featured are the images of the damages in Gaza



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