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Ivy Kombo and Kasi Trial Controversial Email Takes Center Stage

Renowned songbird Ivy Kombo and her husband, Admire Kasi, along with former Council for Legal Education executive secretary Huggins Duri, were present in court yesterday for their ongoing fraud trial.

The trio stands accused of allegedly acquiring conversion certificates to practice law in Zimbabwe through fraudulent means, bypassing the required conversion examinations.

During the trial’s latest session, defense attorneys cross-examined State witness Edith Mandiyanike, who allegedly received instructions from Duri to issue the certificates to Ivy Kombo and Kasi despite their purported failure to take the conversion exams.

Mandiyanike faced intense scrutiny regarding an alleged email containing instructions, with defense lawyers casting doubt on its authenticity, suggesting it might be fabricated due to the absence of identifiable email addresses.

Admire Rubaya, representing Kombo, challenged Mandiyanike on the credibility of the email, pointing out the absence of crucial details. Mandiyanike maintained that while she lacked expertise in IT matters, the email resided in her inbox, albeit without specific sender information.

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Furthermore, the defense questioned Mandiyanike’s representation of Fidelity Printers in court, querying her lack of a company resolution and whether her employer was aware of her involvement.

Prosecutor Anesu Chirenje introduced another witness, Anita Ncube, Duri’s former receptionist and secretary, who confirmed receiving Kombo’s application on April 3, 2019, but stated that Kasi’s application was not received.

The trial is set to resume on March 13 for further proceedings.

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