Harare Abuzz As Jah Prayzah’s Playful Exploits Take Center Stage

Zimbabwean musician, Mukudzeyi Mukombe, better known as Jah Prayzah is causing quite a sensation in Harare with a recent string of playful pranks that are sweeping through social media. The renowned singer-songwriter has been captivating the city streets in vibrant orange suits, surprising residents, particularly vendors, with his lighthearted antics.

Initially perceived as mischief, these episodes transform into heartwarming moments as Jah Prayzah delights his unsuspecting targets with spontaneous cash gifts, leaving them radiating with joy.

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In one memorable prank, he playfully takes a banana from a vendor’s cart, indulging in it while praising the vendor for the delicious fruit. To everyone’s surprise, he then hands the vendor a US$20 note. Jah Prayzah repeats the gesture with another banana, doubling the delight by gifting an additional U$20, totaling US$40 for two bananas. The vendor, still unaware of the colorful character’s identity, is left in awe.

Adding to the amusement, Jah Prayzah extends his pranks to fellow musician Mudiwa Hood. Pretending to be a City Parking marshal, he comically claims to have clamped Mudiwa’s car. As Mudiwa frantically attempts to make calls to halt the “parking marshal’s” actions, he remains oblivious to the fact that he is falling victim to the jests of his fellow artist.

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