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Jah Prayzah plots Harare shut down

Jah Prayzah plots Harare shut down

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

There are several ways of measuring the success of an album but almost all of them have to be post release.

Yet a lanky musician from Uzumba, Jah Prayzah has traversed that with an album that ruffled feathers weeks before its launch.

That the release is finally on tomorrow evening explains the euphoria and probably the prediction that it will bust the shelves.

From fans thronging the Harare International Airport to welcome him from his maiden Americas tour to corporates jumping on board at the last minute to partner him.

Just five years ago patrons at Jazz 105 were literally paying him not to play at the venue but a few weeks later the loath turned to love.

The lad has broken every rule set by his predecessors who thrived on extrinsic anticipation while they remained apathetic by doing everything there is in the book to make noise about his forthcoming offing Mudhara Vachauya.

Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze told Showbiz the musician has improved from 2006.

“From 2006 he has been improving with each new project and this time around we had a lot of pressure and that pressure took us where we really wanted. Even we are confident that this is the best that we have done so far. The commitment is unlike before and we promise this time almost everyone will get their CD,” he said.

Mudhara Vachauya combined flier

He said they have tried to make sure that the events on Friday and Saturday will remain album launches by minimizing the number of acts.

“In Harare we are just going to have Mudhara Tuku, Gary Tight and Sam Dondo to maintain the launch factor. In Bulawayo we are going to have Winky D, Sam Dondo and Cal-vin. If people were pleased with the launch last year then this time it will be way more than that. People have gained confidence and in as much as we have maintained our usual sound we are also bringing in a new flavor for the international market.

He expressed gratitude to their partners among them Surface Wilmar, the owners of Pure Drop who are the major sponsors.