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 Jah Prayzah & Sulumani Chimbetu Tease Fans with Potential Collaboration

 Jah Prayzah & Sulumani Chimbetu Tease Fans with Potential Collaboration

Social media platforms have been buzzing with excitement as pictures of popular Zimbabwean musicians Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu circulated online, hinting at a possible collaboration between the two talented artists.

Fans of both musicians expressed their enthusiasm for the potential joint project, reminiscing about the success of their previous collaboration on the hit song “Batai Munhu,” which became a household sensation.

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The images of Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu together have sparked a wave of anticipation among their respective fan bases. The artists, known for their unique musical styles and captivating performances, have individually gained significant followings and have now set social media abuzz with speculations about their potential collaboration.

Sulumani Chimbetu, the celebrated Afro-fusion and sungura artist, took to his social media accounts to share the pictures alongside an intriguing question for his fans.

He asked if they would be interested in a collaboration between himself and Jah Prayzah.

“Ndisu Hedu, Are you calling out for an encore?”, writes Sulu.

The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their eagerness and excitement at the prospect of a musical partnership between these two talented artists.

Jah Prazyer, a renowned Zimdancehall artist, also joined in the excitement by reposting the pictures and expressing his interest in working with Sulumani Chimbetu.

Jah Prayzah

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The artists’ previous collaboration on the chart-topping track “Batai Munhu” proved to be a massive hit, captivating audiences across the nation with its infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics. The song quickly became a household favorite, further fueling the anticipation for a potential follow-up collaboration.

Fans of both artists flooded social media platforms with comments, expressing their happiness and support for a joint project.

Here are the reactions from fans:

Takunda Chris Mashy

“You once created a hit song mese.”
Tafadzwa Tst Tsikirai

“Imwe collabo guys mmm magarisa”
Nagima Mangisi

“Collabo bhoe zvekuti heya heya ngazviende mberi.”
“Mkoma sulu ,you are so creative can u pliz tell me more about your song titled Njiva ,uuuuum makanyatsoongorora kuti gondo raishungurudza njiva richitora manyana achoo, sando dzenyu bro.”

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