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Jazz 105 haunts Jazz 24/7

Jazz 105 haunts Jazz 24/7

BY Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

At least four days before the official opening, Jazz 24/7, a new club that is set to open Thursday has already stirred controversy with the former proprietor Josh Hozheri throwing tantrums over the new owners’ use of the club’s former name Jazz 105 on his posters.

Hozheri told showbiz on Sunday that he was consulting his lawyers regarding the issue.

“Even besides the issue of copyrights and patents one cannot just take my registered name and ride on without my consent. They did not consult me so I will be engaging my lawyers,” said Hozheri.

Contacted for comment, the proprietor only identified as Knowledge referred all questions to his manager Yasin Dlala, who happens to be Hozheri’s former manager.

“I am a very busy man so please talk to the manager and anything he says goes. We are not using Jazz 105 but 24/7,” he said.

Dhala; apparently feeling the heat having been confronted by Hozheri, decided to be tactful in his responses.

“We have nothing against Josh. Yes I was his manager before Jazz 105 closed down but there really is nothing against him. We are going to sit down with about the issue. I do not know what Josh thinks but I am just an employee here,” said Dlala.

Jazz 105 shut down in 2012 after a tiff between Hozheri and his landlords allegedly over high rentals.

Hozheri set up base at Pamuzinda Highway Escape before recently opening Time and Jazz Café at Cresta Oasis Hotel.

Although Pamuzinda may have helped his remain relevant in the market, it is time and Jazz Café that is expected to reignite his romance with his loyal patronage that were faithful to Jazz 105.

Yet it is the same market that is apparently being targeted by Jazz 24/7 especially by inheriting the “Jazz” aspect in the name.

Hozheri feels the new proprietor has proven his creativity has been stretched to the limits.

“It shows he is not creative. You cannot have an official opening of a Jazz outlet with such a line-up,” he said.

The line-up for the gig will include Sulumani Chimbetu, Alexio Kawara, Sam Dondo and Mbeu.

What is certain is apart from the legal battle there is also a turf war looming, considering the liquidity crisis on the market.

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