Jerome Galiao To Grace The #Art4Change Festival

Tall, Built, Actor, Model, Martial artist… The list of awesomeness doesn’t seem to end! But we’ll just highlight those ones as we introduce a special gentleman who has made the Let Them Trust #Art4Change festival that much more star studded.

Jerome Galiao is a Zimbabwean born actor/model and presenter. He started his career as a TV presenter in Zimbabwe at the age of 18. Best known in Zimbabwe for being the 1st presenter of the Television show which he began in 2001-3 before participating in the inaugural Supermodel competition in 2003 where he achieved a top 5 spot, subsequently earning himself a contract in South Africa. To provide some background on this feat, Supermodel was the biggest beauty pageant at the time for both males and females. It brought out talents like Jonathan Denga, Trust Mathe, Michelle Wallace, Greatmore Chatya, Lance Bannaerman, Hussein Abdul and many more!

Jerome moved to South Africa to pursue his career which was not a very easy move as the industry in South Africa has proved to be a challenging one. Once having relocated to South Africa he worked as a waiter in Cape Town whilst trying to break into the industry. For many years it was audition after audition and his resilience and passion was all that drove him. Where most would have given up he continued to persevere in the face of rejection at many castings.

It seems gloomy but just hold on, there is a silver lining to this story… Rejections and failures were not only taken as obstacles by this unrelenting lad, like the few successful ones, he took them as learning curves.
He later moved to Johannesburg where the industry was even more competitive (you must be shocked, we are too… well kind of, we know his self-belief and determination could have him in any industry). After years of hard work, and failed attempts he entered Mnet’s greatest competition. A competition held by Mnet to scout for new talent out of Africa. Of all the African countries entered he was one of the top 12 and the only one from Zimbabwe to have been selected from thousands of entries.
This was to be his break into the industry.
To date Jerome Galiao has become some-what of a household name featuring as a lead and cameo in many Television Commercials in SA and Television Series such as Zabalaza, Umlilo, Hope, The Queen, The River, Gamora and Binnelanders whilst his commercial work has seen him appear in commercials for Miller Craft, Standard Bank, FNB, Playboy Planet (wink), Makro, Spar and Outsurance.

Jerome has played an integral role in further captivating the youth and motivating them to reach for the stars as he partook in the 2021 Let Them Festival, spending time with some of the Theatre Acts in Mutare. Surely this would have felt like a jolt of adrenaline for any youth involved who may have been down on morale. We would also like to make a mention of how important his presence is as a figure most will recognize from South African soapies which are a daily indulgence in many Zimbabwean households.
To add icing to the cake, he had a few words for all and any aspiring individual regardless of field or industry. Jerome told the youths and everyone out there to, “Always believe in yourself and remain consistent no matter how difficult it may become as long as you keep consistent and focus on what you want it will manifest.
We are all afforded equal mind-sets and despite our backgrounds the opportunity will always present itself some later than others but always on time. Our choices are who we become”
Now if you’re not feeling energized enough to run through a brick wall, yet, then catch the #Art4Change festival from the 25th to 30th of October and November for some truly captivating works of art.

Published by Tsitsi Betha Masvingwa Ndabambi