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Kapfupi Takes to Social Media, Appeals for Car from Wicknell Chivayo

Kapfupi Takes to Social Media, Appeals for Car from Wicknell Chivayo

Renowned actor and comedian Freddy Manjalima, popularly known as Kapfupi, recently sparked a buzz across social media platforms with his indirect appeal for a brand new car. The actor’s post, directed at well-known benefactor Wicknell Chivayo, caught the attention of many, igniting discussions and speculations among fans and followers.

Wicknell Chivayo has gained a reputation for generously gifting artists, particularly musicians, with luxurious cars as a token of appreciation for their talents and contributions to the arts. Kapfupi’s move to reach out to Chivayo via social media reflects the growing trend of artists seeking support and recognition from benefactors in the industry.

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In his post, Kapfupi subtly hinted at his desire for a car, addressing Chivayo by tagging him and stating, “I’m an actor, I do dramas, my name is Kapfupi. I would like to ask if you only gift musicians.” This statement sparked discussions among social media users, with many expressing their agreement that Kapfupi, given his longstanding career and contributions, deserves acknowledgment and support in the form of a vehicle.


Kapfupi’s appeal resonated with a significant portion of media users, who highlighted his consistent support for various events, including rallies, where he has entertained and engaged audiences with his unique brand of humor and talent. His journey from a popular musician to a respected comedian and actor has endeared him to a wide audience, further fueling the sentiments of support and recognition for his work.

As discussions continue to unfold on social media platforms, Kapfupi’s appeal serves as a reminder of the challenges and aspirations faced by artists in the entertainment industry. The response from fans and followers reflects the deep admiration and respect for Kapfupi’s contributions, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and supporting artists across different creative domains.

Baba tencen kuripwa 

“Sir Wicknell Chivhayo Kapfupi anokodzera I was also with him kuMvurwi tikasimucha chaunga kana muchipa vemaSkirts and dramas musatisiyawo Sir Wicknell, Baba Ngaa moto unobvira a100% Zanu PF member titori nemaCards emusangano”
Prof Anesu Chapinga “Java” 

“Sir Wicknell Sir Wicknell Kapfupi akambouya kno kwaMrewa pakaitwa imwe Rally muCouncil last year neTeam rake akafadza vanhu anodhizevha hake, asi tym tym imba inenge irinun nekuti ndiye mumwe achiri kugara mumikuku paZimepaz”
Blandina Takawira

“Baba ngaa deserves kupihwawo mota shuwa vapeiwo”
Norest Makaza

“Akambonetsa zvesure murume uyu, anokodzera kuwana motor”
Darlington Shambawamedza

“Tanga tichitombozvitaura kubasa kwangu maskati kuti kapfupi dai wamuwanisawo I legend riye ????

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