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Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s Lavish ‘Crossover’ Event Sparks Discontent in SDA Church

Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s Lavish ‘Crossover’ Event Sparks Discontent in SDA Church

Glamis Arena became the center of attention on Saturday as Kudakwashe Tagwirei, a prominent figure in Zimbabwe, celebrated his life journey with members of his local church.

The event estimated cost is US$1.5m , sponsored by Tagwirei himself, was filled with extravagance and an atmosphere that touched the souls of attendees.

However, his decision to bring members of his local church to a Celestial Chorus Soiree Night, dubbed “Crossover,” into 2024, left many Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church members in shock and discontent.

The event, which was broadcasted live on national television and various social media platforms, including the Bluffhill SDA Church Facebook page, drew negative comments from viewers.

Many SDA church members expressed their disapproval, with comments such as “Muridzi wechurch ava kutaura” (The church leader is speaking) and “What a sad day in the history of the church in Zimbabwe” flooding the comment sections.

Criticisms also highlighted concerns about the event’s ostentatiousness, with remarks like “Mari inotonga” (Money talks) being made.

The broadcast featured high-profile personalities, including the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Dr. Ed Mnangagwa, the First Lady of Zimbabwe, Dr. Auxilia Mnangagwa, and the Defense Forces Commander.

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They praised the SDA community for their contributions to the country’s development and commended their alignment with the national vision for 2030, which emphasizes collective progress.

President Mnangagwa acknowledged the SDA’s positive impact and encouraged them to continue their good work.

During the event, Tagwirei had the opportunity to share his testimony about his illness in 2021, which served as the main inspiration for celebrating the 2023/2024 Crossover.

He expressed gratitude for the support he received from his mother, wife, family, friends, and the wider church community during his hospitalization.

Tagwirei emphasized the importance of unity and mutual support, stating, “We all need each other.”

The celebration featured performances by renowned artists such as Janet Manyowa, Tania, Everton Mlalazi, Munashe, and Tambana, among others. Their powerful music and choral renditions evoked a sense of worship and praise, resonating with the gathered crowd. Traditional SDA hymnals were also sung, further connecting attendees to their religious roots.

While Tagwirei’s lavish celebration at Glamis Arena captivated many with its grandeur and soul-stirring atmosphere, it has sparked controversy within the Seventh Day Adventist community.

The event’s deviation from traditional SDA practices and the perception of excessive opulence has drawn criticism from some church members.

Nonetheless, the broader impact of the SDA community’s endeavors, as recognized by the country’s highest authorities, suggests a continued focus on contributing to national development and upholding shared values.

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