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Kwekwe Car Dealer Face Charges for Allegedly Swindling Customers

Kwekwe Car Dealer Face Charges for Allegedly Swindling Customers

A car dealer based in Kwekwe is facing charges for allegedly cheating a customer. He’s accused of taking money from people, claiming he would buy cars from Japan for them, but then disappearing without delivering the cars.

According to Chronicle, Tamuka Mapingire, who works at Fortrum Car Sales, supposedly took cash from customers in 2020, promising to buy and deliver cars from Japan. However, the customers never received their cars.

He appeared in court in Kwekwe and was charged with six counts of fraud. Mapingire had been evading authorities but eventually appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Ms. Mildred Matuvi to face the fraud charges. He was granted bail of US$300 and is expected to appear in court again on February 16.

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According to the prosecutor, Miss Nyasha Hhloka, one of the victims, Naboth Mupinga from Gokwe, approached Fortrum Car Sales to buy a Nissan Caravan. He paid US$7,500 in September 2020 and was given a receipt. Later, on August 9, 2022, he paid an additional US$2,600 for duty fees, expecting the car to be delivered to Zimbabwe. However, Mapingire couldn’t be located, with some reports suggesting he was in Tanzania.

“On 12 September 2020, the complainant approached Fortrum Car Sales represented by the accused person to purchase a Nissan Caravan motor vehicle. The complainant paid US$7 500 and was given a receipt,” the court heard.

Mapingire allegedly continued this pattern of deception until 2023, cheating more customers in the process.

“The complainant made all efforts to locate the accused person to have his motor vehicle but the accused person was not accessible as he was being alleged to be in Tanzania,” the court heard.

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